Conception, study and development

“From one idea is the concept born, From the concept is the remit written, Which allows defining the study, And this the latter that gives life to the product…” 

Purchase and logistic

  The central buying service is nowadays an integral part of a company. SCAITA’s principal mission is cost-effectiveness via cost optimization and security of supply. This mission includes the creation of substantial partnerships with our suppliers and thus the creation

Assembly and cabling of electronic board

ASSEMBLY Guarantying our quality, our state-of-the-art CMS automatons allow us to rapidly respond to your needs. These specialized equipment in small and medium series help the assembly of your products in short delays with extreme precision. The installation precision goes

Assembly of cables and beams

Assembly With plan or with specifications, we create all types of beams, either simple or with strong added value, and based of any types of thread and cable. To automatize operations and optimize costs, we provide our KOMAX Gamma and

Subpart integration

Product integration is a task on its own. The image of a finished product is part of its assets and thus of its commercial success.

Performances and quality controls

In order to guarantee the quality of our services, rigorous controls are made with sophisticated automated machines, such as the MIRTEC viewer or the TAKAYA mobile probe tester. Human-led controls are realized in complement of those operation machines to check